The Human Challenge: Webinar

Part of a webinar series on the Future of Procurement, by Oxford Economics


Date: 03 February, 2016

Procurement is becoming more strategic, collaborative, and technology-driven than ever before. This transition puts a lot of pressure on employees, and many are not prepared. What’s more, executives and practitioners do not always share the same vision of their future in the profession.

Listen in to this webinar replay as Oxford Economics, along with an executive and a practitioner from COACH, provides some real-world perspectives on these topics and more. You'll hear how procurement organizations are dealing with challenges related to recruitment, training, and employee engagement, and what is at stake for those that fail to address these issues. You’ll come away with new insights into...

  • Finding – and keeping – the best employees. Get the facts on which capabilities are most in demand, and which skill sets procurement professionals are lacking.
  • Building employee engagement. Find out whether or not procurement practitioners are satisfied with their jobs, and what the most satisfied workers are doing differently.
  • Transitioning to a strategic function.  Hear how the right team can power procurement’s strategic transformation. 

Tune in now for a thought-provoking panel discussion of these questions, and more.


  • James J. McDonald, Jr., CPSM; Director, Global Procurement Operations; COACH
  • Luisa Gonzalez, Ariba P2P Administrator, COACH
  • Emily Rakowski; Global Vice President, Audience Marketing; SAP Ariba 


Edward Cone; Deputy Director, Thought Leadership; Oxford Economics

The Human Challenge: Webinar
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Webinar Replay