Notre objectif : accroître la valeur de votre entreprise

Les acheteurs demandent aux fournisseurs de rejoindre l'Ariba Network afin de travailler ensemble de manière plus efficace sur tous les aspects collaboratifs du commerce : propositions, contrats, commandes, factures et paiements. Doing so through Ariba Network can save you both a lot of time and money.

As a supplier on Ariba Network, you tap into the world’s largest B2B marketplace, with millions of companies doing business at more than double the volume of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay combined. Ariba Network makes it simple to:

  • Accélérer le cycle des ventes tout en diminuant le coût des ventes

  • Find new customers who are ready to buy

  • Répondre à une AO/DR, envoyer des propositions, et négocier des contrats

  • Boost sales through catalogs

  • Traiter les bons de commande, envoyer des factures, et recevoir des paiements

  • Know when you’ll get paid and for what

  • Strengthen customer relationships and increase customer retention


One way to think of Ariba Network is as the for business.

P.J. Jakovljevic, Technology Evaluation Center

Live demo: Introduction to Ariba Network for Suppliers

Join us for a demo of how Ariba Network delivers value. Learn how you can develop sticky customer relationships, generate order-to-cash cycle efficiencies, and discover new business opportunities.

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With Ariba Network, we have smooth and transparent transactions with the buyers and fewer errors in ordering and delivery. Et surtout, depuis que nous avons commencé à être payés plus vite, nous avons un flux de trésorerie positif.

Mayette Yulo, propriétaire, Charles Seafoods Supply